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An Overview And History Of The Quadra Fire Company

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Quadra Fire is an innovative company that produces clean, alternative-energy home heating products. They are committed to producing state-of-the-art hearth and heating products that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Quadra Fire products consistently win awards for their groundbreaking use of technology to produce environmentally friendly, clean burning stoves and appliances. In addition, the company is […]


For The Best Stoves Choose Breckwell Stoves

In the early 1980’s two entrepreneurial minded individuals,  employed in what was then a struggling lumber industry, joined forces with a view to manufacturing and marketing the ultimate in pellet stoves. They did so having already established a corporate umbrella for the project, National Steelcrafters. These two individuals, Al Breckel and Dave Wells, also joined […]


Lopi Stoves Can Make For Comfortable And Elegant Homes

Heating a home is something that acquires a lot of importance in cold climates, and stoves are increasingly being used for this function, as opposed to olden day fireplaces. Lopi stoves are manufactured by Travis Industries and have a very firm hold in this market due to the constant innovation in their products. History of […]


The Quality And Beauty Of Harmon Stoves

The Harman Stove Company was created more than three decades ago by Dane Harman an accomplished welder with an eye for great design. It all began in an effort to lower his family’s high heating bills. He created his own wood stove which immediately drew the attention of neighbors who began asking him to build […]


Top 5 Quality Brand Pellet Stoves

We all know the advantages of wood pellet stoves—they do not need to be refilled daily, they are eco-friendly, they heat by convection and are therefore safer for children, they use waste wood pellets as fuel, they do not require frequent daily cleaning and so on and so forth. If your pellet stove also comes […]