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Top 10 Pellet Stoves 2012 – 2013

Top 10 Pellet Stoves

Here, you will find the top 10 pellet stoves for the 2012-2013 season. This listed is compiled from information gleaned from reviews and consumer websites throughout the internet so your search can be limited to one site. All of the stoves are a great buy, but some will offer you more than the others.

Rated #1

Harman Stove P68Harman Stove P68

For those looking for the best in pellet stoves, it is hard to top the Harman Stove P68. This is one of the largest pellet stoves on the market with a huge heating output of 68,000 BTU per hour. This stove is able to provide a heating area of greater than 2,200 square feet so you will be able to heat most homes quickly and easily. The 76 pound hopper makes feeding the stove easy. It is by far one of the most powerful stoves the company offers.

Testing of the Harman Stove P68 has found that the specs listed with the company for the input and output heating abilities is accurate. It was also found that the stove was easy to clean and easy to load. It stands at the head of its class of other stoves able to use pellet or wood. The cleaning itself is the size of the ash pan so that it can easily be removed and cleaned out for use.

The direct vent in the rear of the stove makes sure that the home does not fill with smoke. The 24” size of the stove allow for a more pleasant viewing surface while the exact temperature controls on the model make sure you can adjust the temperatures in your home to where you want them to be.

The capacity and the controls on this model are easy to use and provide more heat than most of the other models. Those looking for an easy to use model with great heating power will not do any better than the Harman Stove P68. This model only costs $3,900 which is more than made up by the quality and craftsmanship that will make this stove last well into the next century.

Rated #2

Napoleon NPS40Napoleon NPS40

The Napoleon NPS40 has the ability to heat a large area with the capacity to heat at least 2,000 square feet. The model makes it possible to heat using a 43,000 BTU per hour stove. Along with the heavy duty exchange tubes of a 1/8 inch thickness, the transfer of power allows for the heat to be moved throughout the home.

The ability to clean the Napoleon NPS40 is easy with an ash pan that helps to remove the ashes quickly and easily from the stove. The model includes the ability to distribute the pellets evenly to create a full appearance of flames so that the look is always one that provides light and warmth.

The stove has a four stage fail-safe system to protect you and your home from possible problems. The stove has a safety shut down whenever there is a power failure. There is also a switch for low air pressure. The limit switch offers the ability to get high temperatures. An over-ride switch allows you to easily turn on the automatic blower.

The automatic igniter allows you to quickly and easily turn on the stove and start burning the pellets. Pellets easily feed into the front of the stove so you can get the ease of use you need to heat your home completely. Just open the top and feed the pellets to get the heat you are looking for.

The access panel on the Napoleon NPS40 allows you to change the auger speed as well as well as a blower that provides variable speed. The controls in the access panel are easy to use and make the model fully capable to provide the heat and versatility you are looking or in your home.

There are no tools requires to be able to access the combustion chamber. Removing the burn pot easily allows you to maintain your Napoleon NPS40 making the $2,350 price tag on the model a relatively inexpensive price to pay for such an easy to use model.

Rated #3

Continental CPS40

Those looking for a dependable model for heating their home can find it in the Continental CPS40. This model offers the ability to heat quickly and easily using an input power of about 43,000 BTU per hour. This provides a heating capacity of about 2,000 square feet. The model is able to take advantage of a 55 pound hopper so there are plenty of pellets to heat the room for up to 55 hours. Loading of the pellets is easy to manage with the front loading method in the top of the stove. Maintaining the temperature in the home is easy to do with controls that are easy to access and use.

There are kits available for the unit to make outside air available. The stove provides the ability to clean easily with an ash pan that is the same size of the burner pot. Solid cast iron design for the burn pot helps in assuring that all pellets are combusted quickly for maximum heating power. An addition of a hopper extension allows you to add in 5 more pounds of pellets at any given time for an even longer burn time.

The solid appearance of the Continental CPS40 can by updated using various accessories. The above average size allows the room to be illuminated by the glow of the fire while the rear vent makes sure that there are no emissions within the room to worry about. This stove rates at the top of the list not only because of its ability to heat a room quickly and easily, but also because of its ease of use. Lighting and adjusting the model for better heating within your home is fairly self-explanatory.

Another great feature of the Continental CPS40 is the price. At $2,350, it allows you to get heat you can count on for long period of time. The model is easy to install and easy to maintain making it one of the better stoves for those with limited time to maintain the stove they depend on for heat during the winter.

Rated #4

Lopi LeydenLopi Leyden

The cast iron appearance is one of the first things you will notice about the Lopi Leyden pellet stove. This model makes it possible for you to receive heating power for a room up to 2,250 square feet. This is due to the 45,100 BTU per hour combustion that is possible within the stove. Maintaining the heating power is easy to accomplish with the 50 pound hopper capacity. Loading into the hopper is easy and convenient with a top loading method. A burn rate of between 1.7 and 5.5 pounds per hour provides you with the control you need to get more from your pellets.

By setting the Lopi Leyden pellet stove to low, it is possible to get up to 29 hours of burn time. The large glass size on the front of the model allows you to easily enjoy the appearance of the fire throughout the day and night. A large vent provides the ability to remove any emissions from the home while steady state efficiency allows the model to heat easily.

The controls on the Lopi Leyden pellet stove are designed to allow you easier control over the heat in the home. Simply set the thermostat and it will provide constant heat. A remote control allows you even greater control over the settings for your unit.

The Lopi Leyden pellet stove is easy to clean with a large ash pan that is easy to remove. Maintaining the stove is easy to accomplish with easy access to the internal parts of the stove. Automatic ignition and distribution makes the stove almost completely automated in function. The shorter burn time is made up for in the appearance of the stove and the ability to heat a fairly large area.

At $3,600, this is one of the more expensive stoves you can purchase, but it is worth the cost when considering everything you will be able to do with the stove. Additional accessories allow you to get even more out of the stove. Installation and maintenance make the stove an easy choice for just about any home.

Rated #5

Enviro EmpressEnviro Empress

Heating your home is easy to accomplish with the Enviro Empress pellet stove. The stove has a large 55 pound hopper to make it easier to take advantage of the 41,000 BTU per hour burn rate you are able to get out of the stove. It is easy for the stove to heat an area of 1,600 square feet with an adjustable thermostat for greater amounts of heat whenever it is needed. The loading method is rated as very good which allows you to get more into the unit through the 45 –degree drop tube.

The convection system inside of the Enviro Empress allows you to get better heat and distribution without having to deal with a lot of noise. The fan has a variable speed of 105 cfm so you can easily customize the way you are heating your home. The 400w igniter allows you to quickly and efficiently turn on the stove so you can start getting heat right away. The free-breathing firebox makes it possible to have an even burn while the cast iron brick liner makes sure that the heat is being contained and distributed properly.

Cast iron doors on the Enviro Empress allow you easy access to the burn box. While the front of the stove is closed, it has been rated with a 1.7 g/hr emission test. This, along with the 83.5 percent efficiency of the stove makes it a very good addition to your home and safe to have in just about any environment. The leveling legs assure that the stove will always have the ability to feed properly and to get an even burn so less of your pellets are wasted to failed combustion.

Additional options on the Enviro Empress make sure you can get the kind of stove you want in your home. Changing the color as well as adding on a fire screen makes it possible for you to have the stove you want. The price of $2,900 will go up slightly with the addition of certain elements, but it is still an affordable alternative when you are looking to heat your home.

Rated #6

Quadra-Fire CastilleQuadra-Fire Castille

Those looking for a traditional looking stove can find it in the Quadra-Fire Castille. This cast iron stove provides the warmth of a glass face along with the classic cast iron look many want in their home. The burning capacity of 34,400 BTU per hour makes it possible to get the amount of heat you are looking for out of the unit without wasting a lot of energy. The stove has the ability to heat an area of 1,500 square feet so even fairly large rooms can get the heat you are looking for. The 40 pound hopper allows you to keep the stove fired up for a long period of time. The feed system has a patented design to make sure it will not jam while it is operation.

Maintaining the Quadra-Fire Castille is easy with a firepot that is easy to clean. Simply remove the ash pan and you can quickly dispose of all ashes. The aluminum tube heat exchanger makes it easy for the heat to be distributed throughout the room. Controlling the amount of heat being pumped into the room is easy to accomplish with a wall thermostat that can be programmed as well as a remote to operate the setting for your stove.

The Quadra-Fire Castille uses a herringbone brick interior to maintain a hot firebox and provide better heat distribution. The three heat settings available on the model make sure you are able to get the amount of heat needed to maintain the heat within your home.

Additional features on the Quadra-Fire Castille make it possible to customize the appearance of your stove. You can use the classic metal or black if you like. Baked enamel finish allows you to get the appearance you want so you will be able to get the look you want for your home. Purchasing the Quadra-Fire Castille is possible with only the price of $2,700. Additional features make it possible for you to get the look and the heating methods that you are looking for in your home.

Rated #7

Summers Heat 55-SHP10LSummers Heat 55-SHP10L

If you are more concerned about the heating capacity than you are about appearance, you can get what you need in the Summers Heat 55-SHP10L. The box shaped appearance is offset by the heating capacity of the 40 pound hopper. The ability to heat a room of up to 1,500 square feet makes it possible for you to get the heat you are looking for in your home. The 38,000 BTU per hour capacity of the stove makes it possible to get the amount of heat you need to quickly and efficiently heat your home.

Maintenance on the Summers Heat 55-SHP10L is easy with the ability to keep a clean glass face on the stove. An air wash system makes sure that the glass will stay clean. Window trim allows you to get a unique look that adds to the basic design of the stove. Easy access handle on the front door allows you the ability to get into the firebox whenever you want to. The double auger system makes sure that you are able to get all of the pellets into the stove so the heat is available when you need it. The digital control board allows you to easily set the temperatures for your stove and makes it possible to maintain the function of the heat settings.

The 3” pellet rear vent allows you to easily remove all of the emissions from the home. The Summers Heat 55-SHP10L is rated as usable in a mobile home so you can use it in just about any setting you feel you want it. To make sure that the stove is EPZ friendly, there is an outside air kit that is included with the purchase price of the stove. Additional features are available when purchasing and installing the stove.

The Summers Heat 55-SHP10L is an economical choice with a price tag of only $1,300. Easy to install and easy to use, it is no wonder this model is favored by those with a small home living in colder parts of the country.

Rated #8

US Stove Company 5500m 120-lb Pellet HeaterUS Stove Company 5500m 120-lb Pellet Heater with Auto-Ignition

Those looking for a massive amount of heating time will get what they are looking for in the US Stove Company 5500m 120-lb Pellet Heater with Auto-Ignition. This pellet stove has a massive 120 pound hopper so you can go for days without having to feed the stove even at the maximum temperature setting. The 48,000 BTU per hour output provides a lot of heat so you can easily heat a large area of your home. The feed system inside of the stove makes it possible to use just a small amount of pellets at a time while providing a large amount of heat.

Added to the fairly easy to use function of the stove is the possibility to get help from the customer service section of the company over the phone. The stove is easy to adjust with the settings so it is possible to get the heat you want in your home throughout the year. The ability to use a variety of pellets provides even more versatility in the heating of your home. Simply adjust the stove and you can use the pellets you desire.

The US Stove Company 5500m 120-lb Pellet Heater with Auto-Ignition has a distinct look with the oversized hopper adding to the appearance of the stove. Arched design on the front of the cast iron stove provides a great accent while the glass face offers the ability to enjoy the light form the constant fire burning in the firebox. Automated burn and feed system makes it easy to simply ignite the stove and allow it to provide the heat you need in your home. Adjustable thermostat makes it possible to get the perfect temperature in your home throughout the year.

Even with the 120 pound hopper, the US Stove Company 5500m is inexpensive at only $1,500. Installation will require a bit of planning because of the additional weight the stove has. Used in a large area, this will provide the heat and appearance you are looking for in a serious heating unit for your home.

Rated #9

Deluxe EnglanderDeluxe Englander

Massive heating areas are no problem for the Deluxe Englander. This model has the ability to heat up to 2,200 square feet so you can maintain the heat throughout your home. The adjustable heating settings for the blower make it possible for you to get more out of the BTU power that the stove provides. The on-touch ignition is all you need to be able to get the stove started and to keep it burning for a while. Maintaining the heat for a longer period of time is possible with a 60 pound hopper and a double auger system you will not find in many other models. The steel construction adds to the strength and heating capacity of the system.

Settings are easy to set and adjust with the use of a built-in blower system and a control panel that has been upgraded. Set temperatures for your home and the stove can provide the heat you are looking for without worrying about emissions. Efficient burning makes the stove EPA certified so you can put the stove anywhere you want it. The 3 inch pellet vent in the rear of the stove makes sure that all of the emissions are being properly vented and that the home is getting all of the heat you need.

The appearance of the stove is easily enjoyable. Brass finish on a black stove allows you to enjoy the look it provides your home. Easy access front door makes the firebox open to you whenever you need it. Clear glass panel on the front of the stove allows you to enjoy the constant burn of the pellets and the warmth that the fire appearance adds to any room.

The maintenance of the Deluxe Englander allows you to fully enjoy the stove. Ashes are easily removed and the glass panel on the front of the stove is cleaned by the air blowing system inside of the stove. The $1,600 price tag makes this a very affordable stove for those looking for a powerful, and attractive addition to their home.

Rated #10

Hudson River SaratogaHudson River Saratoga

Those looking for a unique look and a smaller stove can find it in the Hudson River Saratoga. This small stove burns at a whopping 30,000 BTU per hour. It has the ability to burn for a total of 40 hours at the right setting which makes the small stove a powerful addition to any home. A 45 pound pellet hopper makes it possible for you to simply feed the stove and let it heat the home for almost two days. The heating radius for the model is about 1,500 square feet which is perfect for anyone looking to save on the amount of room they are using for a pellet stove.

Maintaining the temperatures in your home is easy and efficient with a digital soft touch control system. Simply set the temperatures you want and the 85.5 percent efficient stove can deliver what you are looking for. The brick interior helps to maintain consistent heat levels within the stove for better heating of the home. Keeping the model clean is easily accomplished through the sliding ash tray. Remove the ash tray and empty it to maintain the burning capacity of your pellet stove even longer.

The appearance of the Hudson River Saratoga allows you to have a stove unlike any other. Not only is the tall and slender appearance a fun addition to any home, the red and steel finish is unique. Using baked enamel for the red makes sure it will last even when burning at the highest temperatures. The stove also comes in black whenever you are looking for something a little more traditional. Because of the appearance, it can be added just as easily to a living room as it is in a modern kitchen. It is the perfect thing for those living in a small home or a flat that has been converted into a living space.

Adding the Hudson River Saratoga to your home is easy to do with a $2,000 price tag. While this is slightly higher than some of the larger models, you are paying for convenience and power in a small package. This pellet stove delivers with the ability to feed pellets into the firebox quickly and easily.



An Overview And History Of The Quadra Fire Company

Quadra Fire is an innovative company that produces clean, alternative-energy home heating products. They are committed to producing state-of-the-art hearth and heating products that are highly efficient and eco-friendly. Quadra Fire products consistently win awards for their groundbreaking use of technology to produce environmentally friendly, clean burning stoves and appliances. In addition, the company is lauded for its close partnerships with homeowners and builders as well as its outstanding treatment of and investment in employees.

  • The company began as a response to the new regulations on stoves set in place by the EPA. While many wood stove producers either quit all together or began to look at catalytic combustion as a solution to the regulations, Quadra Fire founders Alan Trusler and Dan Henry decided to go a different route. They devised a system where the stoves would burn and re-burn gases and smoke in four separate zones without using catalytic combustion. This was a breakthrough for the wood-burning stove industry as it was one of the first non-catalytic stove models that was clean and energy efficient. In 1986 the duo patented the innovative Quadra-Burn system.


  • Over the years, Quadra Fire products have continued to increase in popularity due to their easy-to-use, environmentally friendly home heating products. In 1990 the company introduced automatic, self-burning pellet appliances that had the added benefit of heat exchange and fuel feed systems for cleaner, more efficient heating. 1993 saw the release of high-efficiency gas burning stoves made of porcelain and in a range of colors. In 2006 Quadra Fire began producing stoves with the Load, Light, Live technology, which made their wood-burning stoves easy to use and extremely effective in heat output. Today, they continue to produce high quality products from their state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Colville, Washington.


  • Some further examples of the unique, forward thinking technologies of Quadra Fire include Automatic Combustion Control, a system that regulates the airflow in the hearth for better heat and efficient and clean burns. The FireBrick Technology uses a patented material made of ceramic fibers to produce the heat and light of a wood-burning fire without the mess of ashes and noise of a fan. And the Zone Heating system allows users to redirect heat to the places in the home that need it most, allowing homeowners to save money and energy.


  • Products by Quadra Fire have also been officially lauded by organizations that recognize innovations and advances in design and technology. In 2003 the Quadra Fire model 7100 won the prestigious Best New Hearth Product at the Vesta Awards. Three years later, the Vesta Awards again honored the company for their Advanced Energy (AE) Mt. Vernon Insert, which won Best New Hearth Product, and the QFP44 model, which won Best Gas Fireplace. In addition, out of all the non-catalytic wood stoves tested by the EPA, Quadra Fire products are the cleanest burning.


  • Quadra Fire is a member of Hearth & Home Technologies (HHT), a company that is dedicated to producing, developing and installing quality hearth products. The brand produces a range of products including stoves, inserts, fireplaces, mantels, outdoor products, accessories, and more. The stoves are mainly made from high quality steel, with design and style in mind. In addition, they are durable, reliable, and easy to use. And of course, each stove comes with the advanced Quadra-Burn technology to ensure that there are low particulate emissions, yet high efficiency and increased heat output.


  • Perhaps one of the reasons for the company’s success is its far-reaching vision, and close connection to the people who are most closely involved with the product. Partners at Quadra Fire seek out homeowners and homebuilders for advice, suggestions and new ideas. In addition, employees are called members, and are considered valuable assets for the company in terms of investment, leadership and creativity. In fact, Forbes magazine and Fortune magazine have both recognized HHT as one of the top companies to work for in the United States.

Overall, Quadra Fire is a company that uses advanced technology and high quality materials to produce products that are both attractive and environmentally friendly. They consistently win awards and recognition for their cutting edge, energy efficient, clean home heating products, and continue to come out with creative ideas for clean burning non-catalytic appliances. Furthermore, the company prides itself on its close relationship with the consumers as well as its strong commitment to the interests of the employees.

For The Best Stoves Choose Breckwell Stoves

In the early 1980’s two entrepreneurial minded individuals,  employed in what was then a struggling lumber industry, joined forces with a view to manufacturing and marketing the ultimate in pellet stoves. They did so having already established a corporate umbrella for the project, National Steelcrafters. These two individuals, Al Breckel and Dave Wells, also joined part of their surnames together to name their products Breckwell Stoves when, in the late 1980’s, they had created and tested the first pellet stove insert. Today, in terms of their products, the company offers the marketplace four quality and distinct types of stoves as well as their own vacuum product. In terms of their highly valued customers, they offer full technical support, excellent warranties and, generally, fully responsive customer support.

  • In line with their first beginnings the company offers a range of eight different pellet stoves.  These stoves are fueled by little pellets formed from sawdust and other timber by products. The owner of the product is guaranteed to enjoy the all consuming warmth and  homely flames common to wood stoves. A completely smoke free product with the added functional benefits of automatic ignition and self feeding. Furthermore, as the pellets are CO2 neutral there is no harmful greenhouse gas effect associated with product.



  • As well as specific pellet fuelled stoves the company also offers what it calls the Heartland Multi-Fuel Heater. This enables pellets to be used as the fuel or, alternatively, whole shelled corn. It comes with the tradition based styling a customer would expect. The easy to operate, competitively priced stove offers genuine value for money.


  • The range of Breckwell Stoves doesn’t end there, though. Three different wood stove options are available, too. It is possible to choose either a free standing version or a fireplace insert one. With a glass door, automatically always clean, there is a captivating view to be had of flickering, dancing flames. In short, these are  efficient, warm, clean burning, top quality wood stoves.


  • To complete the full range of stoves on offer there are two types of gas stoves to choose from. With two out of three homes in the US opting for gas stoves it is not surprising that Breckwell offer two of their own splendid versions. Their Direct Vent Gas Stoves product enables the stove to be placed practically anywhere in a home without the use of a vertical chimney. Whether used in a kitchen, bedroom, living room, dining room, or even a mobile home, the direct version is ideal. Ideal because, above all, it does not pollute and degrade air quality due to the technicalities involved in the venting system. Air goes directly into the system and exhaust goes directly out all via an inner pipe.

Finally, in terms of stoves, there is the option of the B-Vent Gas Stoves. Based on a natural draft system this stove is easy to install and use and is comparatively inexpensive. Yet it still retains the quality craftsmanship Breckwell is famous for.

To comprehensively round off and complete the product range there is a company produced ash vacuum to help in stove maintenance upkeep. It is suitable whether pellets, wood or corn is used as the main fuel. It has a rust resistant tank with a capacity of 6.5 gallons.

It is evident, then, that since the early 1980’s the entrepreneurial enthusiasm and diligence of two partners has evolved into the formation of a quality stove manufacturing and marketing company. A company focused specifically on stoves yet, through its broad range of pellet, multi fuel, wood and gas of offers available, capable of satisfying any discerning prospective customer regardless of style and type preferences. And a fully responsive technical back up and customer support availability elevates the company, Breckwell Stoves, to the higher echelons of the industry.

Lopi Stoves Can Make For Comfortable And Elegant Homes

Heating a home is something that acquires a lot of importance in cold climates, and stoves are increasingly being used for this function, as opposed to olden day fireplaces. Lopi stoves are manufactured by Travis Industries and have a very firm hold in this market due to the constant innovation in their products.

History of Lopi Stoves

  • If you look at the history of the Lopi stoves, you will find that it first started with a rock musician Kurt Rumens, who, in the year 1977,  sold stoves to supplement his income. The feedback that he received from  his customers encouraged him to suggest changes and new ideas for efficient heating, which his then employer did not take much heed of. He therefore used the ideas of efficiency and aesthetics which he developed himself,  to start making Lopi stoves in 1979. Lopi was the pioneer for using clear ceramic glass and an airwash system of preheating to keep wood fires visible in the their stoves. They were the first manufacturers to receive an EPA certification for their non-catalytic wood stoves in 1984. They made further innovations in wood, gas and pellet burning stoves as well as inserts and fireplaces and are a brand that is famous for such hearth design products. Lopi was taken over by Travis Industries in 1988 along with another brand Avalon. Lopi stoves continue to be sold under their own brand name by the acquiring company.

Types of Stoves

  • When you are in the market for a heating stove you will do well to examine all the alternatives that are available with Lopi stoves. You can use this stove for the heating of a new home or for remodeling an existing area in the home. You need to initially decide on the heating medium that is convenient for you to use for such a stove. You can get stoves that use gas, wood or pellets as a source of heat.


Gas Fueled Stoves

  • One main advantage with gas fuel stoves is that they are independent of any need for electricity and can even work during power outages brought on by very inclement weather. The fuel is also very convenient to use once it is set up, and is also a fuel that burns very cleanly and with the least pollution. The models of Lopi stoves that use gas as a fuel can include those that actually look like the comforting wood fires. Modernity is addressed by heat controls that operate with a touch of a button and thermostat controls that can vary the heat output and regulate the flame.

Stoves that use Wood

  • If you are still keen to go the old fashioned way and prefer food fires, Lopi stoves also have models that use this naturally renewable source for burning. Obviously this source is also independent of any electricity, and the aroma of burning wood and the sounds and sights that such fires bring is a constant delight. Lopi stoves that use wood have convection systems that circulate the heat. They ensure smokeless fires when the stove is started or wood is replenished. The faces of such stoves can have a number of designs that give a view of the fire, while the heat output can be very warming. It however does require a steady supply of wood, something that may not be very easy in cities.

Pellets Stoves are Convenient

  • As an alternative one can go in for stoves that burn pellets as fuel. Such pellets are widely available and normally come from recycled waste wood that is quite safe to use. It is also very easy to store pellets as compared to wood. The heat producing source is also environmentally friendly and comes from natural and renewable sources. The main advantage of such stoves over wood stoves is that they are very easy to load. Pellets can also be of the type that burn for a long time, thus reducing any need for constant replenishment.  Lopi stoves that use this fuel have thermostats and can be ignited automatically. They are quiet in operation.

Lopi stoves are very durable and made of materials that last a long time. There is a very wide variety of finishes and designs available that can fit in with any décor.

The Quality And Beauty Of Harmon Stoves

The Harman Stove Company was created more than three decades ago by Dane Harman an accomplished welder with an eye for great design. It all began in an effort to lower his family’s high heating bills. He created his own wood stove which immediately drew the attention of neighbors who began asking him to build one for them as well. It was not very long before the overwhelming demand for his Harmon stoves became so high that he had to move out of his garage work area. In order to keep up with production demand, the Harman Stove Company was created.

  • Every model of Harmon stoves is created with the latest and most innovative technology available as well as excellent craftsmanship and attention to detail. These quality stoves carry the pride of their founder. The beauty of Harman stoves, combined with a number of unique options and functions and a product that is easy to use, has firmly grounded this brand as an industry leader for today’s home heating solutions. From their humble beginnings back in 1979 to their newest and most advanced model, every Harman stove is crafted to exacting standards. These are stoves that are manufactured to provide true comfort and beauty and only the highest quality products bear the Harman name.


  • Hearth & Home Technologies, or HHT, acquired Harman stoves in 2007 and retained its headquarters in the beautiful city of Halifax, Pennsylvania. The acquisition of the well-known and respected Harman brand has allowed these innovative stoves to now be offered not only domestically, but worldwide as well. HHT is the world’s largest manufacturer and producer of fireplace products and fireplaces. They continue to provide the superb quality and beauty these stoves were originally founded on. In fact, HHT currently holds several patents and utilize award winning technology in the wide selection of products they manufacture.


  • Hearth & Home Technologies is now producing a complete array of fireplaces, stoves and hearth products, all designed to meet the needs of today’s consumers. They offer wood burning fireplaces as well as electric, gas and even pellet fireplace designs. In addition to the wide range of fireplace options, they currently have 36 different types of stoves available to meet the needs of homeowners around the world. However, HHT offers more than just fireplaces and stoves, they also have a great selection of inserts, hearths and other heating needs that can help consumers heat their homes while making them as attractive as possible. In fact, HHT offers a complete line of heating options including central heating systems that burn corn, coal and a variety of alternative biomass fuels.


  • Harman brand stoves are only one of the stoves offered by HHT, other industry leaders offered by this world renown company include Quadra-Fire, Heatilator, Heat & Glo, Outdoor Lifestyles and many others. With such a wide selection of heating options to choose from, the ongoing innovations and product selections from this company, their future as an industry leader is certain to be secure.


  • In fact, Hearth & Home Technologies continues to strive for innovative methods to provide solutions for all types of home heating needs. They incorporate the latest technology and state of the art materials into their designs and manufacturing processes in order to ensure the continued satisfaction of their global market base. Their commitment to providing top-quality products that are as reliable as they are functional is always a priority in every product they create. However, even with a focus on innovation, technological advances and company growth, they always maintain their primary focus on making homes more comfortable and convenient.


  • There are a couple of factors that certainly help contribute to the continued growth and popularity of the many products offered by HHT. For one thing, they are always looking for creative and innovative ways in which to bring not only comfort, but convenience to the homes they service. Additionally, they strive to provide a healthier and safer environment, both in the home as well as outside the home. With clean burning stoves and fireplaces, as well as the option to choose biomass fuels and other natural fuel sources, HHT continues to be a leader for today’s heating solutions as well as healthier lifestyles.

The solutions offered for today’s heating problems can be found in the vast array of innovative and quality products that have been designed with unique and distinctive features to make them not only convenient and comfortable, but also safe and efficient. HHT partners closely with home builders as well as homeowners in an effort to help them create a beautiful and functional solution to their heating needs. It is certainly clear that they are striving to keep creating the best products for today’s homeowner.