Calculate Pellet Stove Needs

Hey folks thanks so much for stopping at this page. The last few months have been real busy and we have spread ourselves a bit thin. With the cold weather I have been getting a lot of requests for Pellet Stove calculations and I just can’t keep up with the demand.

If you are really, truly serious about getting a Pellet Stove then I urge you tool read the info below.

You are making a big purchase, so it is best too invest some time and maybe even a few dollars getting the best information you can get about Pellet Stoves.

I highly, highly, recommend the PelHeat Pellet Stove & Boiler Guide

I have learned so much from these guys over the years and so have 100’s of others. All I can say is that the guide is well worth it. You can get it for under $20 and they offer a money back guarantee which I know you won’t need. If you can’t spend under $20 to learn about a product that you might be spending anywhere form $1500-$4000 for then I don’t know what too tell you. If you think the tips and info on this site are great, then the guide is the icing on the cake.

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8 Responses to “Calculate Pellet Stove Needs”

  1. KELLY says:

    I am very interested in buying a pellet stove/furnace but am not sure what would best suit my needs. I have an older home with 1600sq ft. of living space. I currently use oil for heat and hot water. My heat is hot water base board. . the oil prices right now are astronomical. Any suggestions?

  2. Elaine Landis says:

    Looking for a pellet stove to heat a large room with cinder block walls. Maybe 15 by 30 feet.

  3. fred says:

    I have a ranch house with about 1800 sq ft. Where would you put a pellet stove for the most efficient heat. I would like to put it in the basement. What do you think.


  4. Ed McMillan says:

    I am a builder who made the mistake of putting gas in my own home. Finishing my basement and would like to put in a pellet stove as I go. Not sure on brand or size, and could use some help. House is a 2,400 sq.’ two story, with another 1,000 sq.’ in the basement. Don’t want to break the bank, but also want something that will last. Heat rises so I am thinking of installing some thru floor registers, possibly with miny fans, to help deliver to 1st floor.

  5. Thomas Campbell says:

    To whom it may concern. I am very mush instrested
    In the Pellet Stove. I live Pocono, PA my Heat come
    From Propane! I need a Economical way to save money
    I have a single family home, two stories. The 1st
    Floor 1300 SQ. FT. Can I get help sizeing up a Stove
    Suitible for me THANK YOU

  6. Steve Howard says:

    Want to install a good pellet stove in basement which has 750 sq ft finished plus another 1450 s ft upstairs. Which model should I buy? thanks

  7. Fred says:

    I would like to know if the pellet stove can be tied directly into my existing furnace duct work.

  8. Ida McBride says:

    I have a 2780 square foot modular home. I am interested in which pellet stove would best suit my home. The home is an open floor plan, with higher ceilings than regular homes. There are double pane windows as well. The stove would be located near the front entry way in the family room which merges into the living room to the east and filters back to the bedrooms (3) to the west. The home faces the South. Thank you. Ida McBride

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